I swear I’m not a conspiracy theorist… at least I don’t think I am.

Dianne Feinstein intends to retroactively turn me into a criminal. I won’t detail what weapons I have the would fall under this new ban, but I will say every weapon that I own and intend to own is covered by this law. That isn’t particularly difficult since most pistols sold typically come with 12-17 round magazines today and many with some sort of accessory rail for a light/laser attachment. Most semi-automatic rifles come with collapsible stocks, “pistol grips” and 20 round minimum magazines. This law intends make me register every weapon I have under the NFA in a manner that is more invasive than what most states require from sex offenders (includes finger printing, duplicate photo IDs that are regularly updated and asking PERMISSION from local LEO and federal agencies when I move or take a weapon across state lines — which requires an approval form which at present takes ~4 months to process). As a gun owner who has never committed a violent crime, never threatened a person with a violent crime, and never committed a crime worse than a class E misdemeanor… I’m somehow more dangerous than a God damned SEX OFFENDER?! I can be treated worse than people who have rapped children even though I’ve never even shown an proclivity toward serious crime? WHO THE HOLY HELL ARE YOU, DIANNE FEINSTEIN, TO LABEL ME A PARIAH WORSE THAN THE FILTH THAT STALKS OUR CHILDREN AND RUINS THEIR LIVES FOR SICK, DEMENTED PLEASURE AND PREVENT ME FROM PROTECTING MY CHILDREN AT THE SAME TIME? I apologize to my friends and family who find this language abhorrent… but fuck you Dianne… This law violates my 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights and I intend to fight you.

Conspiracy theories abound… the most popular being that this is just a stepping stone. Indeed, it is a tried and true tactic used by civilized societies since the beginning of recorded history. Force an incremental change that may not drastically affect a huge number of people, and once enough people become complacent implement the full and unabridged version of your policies when no one can stop you. Chip away at some gun rights today and take away all the guns tomorrow. I can’t say this interpretation is completely invalid either, actually it seems to be a completely reasonable interpretation. Why else would this bill require most firearms in the U.S. to now be registered with multiple law enforcement agencies if not to make a list of weapons to confiscate later? Why create a massive bureaucratic nightmare for gun owners with multiple new felonies if not to turn them all into criminals overnight? The big question… if they intend to take our guns away from us in the short or long term… what comes after that? Once the American population is completely defenseless from a government with massive stock piles of guns and munitions, what can we expect?

To be honest… I don’t necessarily think the above is the immediate goal. I believe that Feinstein is coming from the most radical position she could find so that she had lots of fodder to give up when negotiations on the bill starts. The goal being that the turd bill they end up with seems acceptable given the horrific position she’s starting from. My problem is that she shouldn’t be starting from a position that violates multiple civil rights and expect to negotiate down from that. To me, that’s negotiating in bad faith an no one should give her the time of day. Either way, I sincerely hope we can defeat this measure in its entirety.

Now, some videos for your enjoyment… or disgust.

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  1. Vince I. Hines - January 19, 2013 @ 6:20 pm

    Title VI, the Federal Death Penalty Act, created about 60 new death penalty offenses, for crimes related to acts of terrorism , murder of a federal law enforcement officer, drug trafficking , civil rights -related murders, drive-by shootings resulting in death, the use of weapons of mass destruction resulting in death, and carjackings resulting in death.

  2. Shauna Hopper - February 17, 2013 @ 7:30 am

    Under Federal law, the purchase of a fully automatic rifle requires a 4- to 6-month background check by the authorities. But a semiautomatic rifle can be bought over the counter by completing a standard form stating that the applicant has no criminal record, among other requirements.


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